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Nominations Information for Parents/Teachers

Each year there are board positions within the PTA and the Foundation that need to be filled by dedicated parents/teachers of Toll students.  The Nominating Committee (those parents charged with the task of filling the slate for the 2017-2018 school year) has been elected and they will begin their work very soon. 
In order for the group to complete the work, they need to know who might be interested in filling the available positions.  This is where YOU come in--PLEASE nominate yourself or another parent for one of the open positions by emailing either Sofia Montague, PTA President, at or Chey Widdop, Foundation President, at
It is VERY important to note that the presidents DO NOT serve on the nominating committee, but they can relate the info to the committee for the committee's review and processing.
It is also important to note that the PTA and the Foundation slate board positions at the same time with the same committee.  This is so that the right person at the right time can fill an open position.  There is no "competition" for parents between the groups.  Parents/teachers are chosen based on their interest and skill for a particular position and making these decisions at the same time for both organizations insures a smooth process.
The following committee has been elected for this year:
1) Regina Kahanowicz
2) Aimee Klem
3) Mimi Malave
4) Alina Mansoorian
5) Kathy Nishimoto
1) Guyanne Abramyan
2) Virginia Porter

Thank you to these parents/teacher who have graciously agreed to serve!
Below are the open positions for both organizations.  (For a full listing of all board positions please click on the organization's tab of the "Parents" drop down menu from the home page and select the "board members" tab on the right of each page.) A brief description has been posted for each position.  Please contact Sofia or Chey if you would like more information about a particular job listed below.
Foundation open board positions for 2017-18:
President--responsible for the overall running of the organization
Auditor--responsible for reviewing the monthly financial activity of the organization
Malt Shop Chair/5th Voting Board Member--responsible for 1/2 of the running and operations for the Malt Shop (works closely with the PTA counterpart with the same title as the Malt Shop is operated and run jointly by the PTA and the Foundation)
Financial Secretary--responsible for assisting the treasurer and president with the financial matters of the organization
Communications Chair--responsible for insuring that current news and information is related to parents via the Toll Middle School Family FB page, the Toll website and calendar
Core Point Coordinator--responsible for tallying the hours parents spend volunteering on campus via sign up sheets and tracking those hours to the various cores
Historian--responsible for compiling the activities of the organization throughout the year 
PTA open board positions for 2017-18 year:
Hospitality Chair--responsible for ensuring there are snacks/food and drinks at various meetings and/or programs throughout the year (works closely with the president to determine various needs)
Malt Shop Chair--responsible for 1/2 of the running and operations for the Malt Shop (works closely with the PTA counterpart with the same title as the Malt Shop is operated and run jointly by the PTA and the Foundation)
Program Vice President--responsible for facilitating the yearly programs of the PTA (such as Red Ribbon Week, meeting speakers, etc.; works closely with the president to determine the program needs)
Secretary--responsible for taking meeting minutes during board and association meetings and for sending reminders regarding upcoming meetings (works closely with the president)
Parliamentarian--responsible for insuring the smooth running of meetings according to Robert's Rules of Order